Banner and video advertising

We will effectively set up a PPC banner ad to raise awareness of your product or service! Subsequent management will significantly reduce cost-per-click. A modern internet marketing tool is video-based social networks such as Google’s YouTube platform.

Video advertising is the fastest growing internet marketing tool.
Advertising on the YouTube social network today is in high demand and efficient.
Banner advertising will increase product awareness and promote your brand.
Banners and video are suitable not only for creative companies.

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Why choose PPC Profits for banner and video advertising
We focus on PPC campaigns, banner, and video advertising.
We have 5 years of experience in the field and we are constantly studying innovations in the field.
In addition to video content and banners, we specialize in remarketing.
Our customers' references speak for themselves.

Banner and video advertising growing! ZenithOptimedia, a worldwide media agency, has announced that banner advertising is the fastest growing format for online advertising, mainly thanks to online video. YouTube also has a big impact on increasing video advertising.

Banner and video advertising are suitable for companies who want to raise awareness of their product and build their brand image on the Internet. Banner and video ads appear on sites that participate in AdSense ( and YouTube advertising systems.

Banners can achieve high value impressions for users at a low cost.

How we work:

1. We analyze whether your product or service is eligible for banner advertising.

2. Create banners that are attractive to users.

3.We will select themed sites that are appropriate for your product or service.

4. We run and continue optimizing your banner ad to reduce cost-per-click.


The price for setting up a banner ad is in the range of CZK 2,000 - 5,000 without VAT.