Have you started a website, visitors go to it, but do not buy anything, do not leave contacts and leave the site without any action? Your site probably deserves to be improved in terms of its conversion rate. PPC Profits will help you fine-tune all the elements so that you achieve your goals and visitors will be happy to return to the website.


We use analytical tools to find out where the error occurred.
We will perform A / B tests that will give us clear data on what users prefer on your site.
We will find out whether the problem is UX, copy, information architecture of the website or other elements.
We will help you implement the findings on your website.

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Why choose PPC Profits for CRO?
We operate in many disciplines of online marketing and it does not happen that by modifying one element we decide on another - for example, linked campaigns.
We will patiently review the process of adjusting your site's conversion potential so that you know why this or that adjustment is necessary.
We will try to choose such a solution where you get the maximum result for the minimum invested funds.
We then further evaluate the conversion rate adjustments and further tune your site according to the data obtained.

How do we proceed with CRO?

We analyze your website and available data (eg from Google Analytics) and reveal where customers leave the website. Is it in step 2 of the shopping cart? Is it after they have been looking for some information for a long time and can't find it?

Based on the findings, we will then compile a plan of priority adjustments on the website step by step.

During the modifications, we test the behavior of website visitors and choose the ideal variant of the solution, which will bring you more orders, more contacts, more newsletter subscriptions and much more.

You won't believe how even a small change can work wonders with a conversion rate.


The CRO price starts at CZK 4,000 without VAT.

For a more accurate calculation, please use the non-binding request or call 775 646 333.