Do you want to stay in touch with your customers after they leave your site? Do you want to inform them about new events or send them a regular newsletter? Then it's time to start email marketing. In PPC Profits, we will select the ideal mailing software for you, segment your mailing list and prepare a set of e-mail templates.


MailChimp or SmartEmailing? We will advise you which software is suitable for your marketing goals.
We will prepare the strategy and creative of the distribution, including a set of templates.
We will train your team in working with mailing software.
We evaluate the success of e-mailing and further adjust the strategy according to the obtained data.

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Why choose PPC Profits for e-mailing?
We also deal with other disciplines of online marketing, which we can effectively connect with e-mail marketing.
If you do not have your own e-mail database, we will help you obtain one so that we do not bother the recipients with spam.
We have already tried all the procedures for you, so we know what to send, how, when and to whom, to maximize the effect of e-mailing.
You can contact us at any time with a quick consultation or adjustment.

How do we proceed with e-mailing?

1) We will find out what goals you want to achieve by e-mailing, and we will select the appropriate software accordingly and devise a strategy.

2) We will prepare templates of the most common types of shipments to match your visual identity.

3) Set up mailings and evaluation.

4) Setting basic functions does not end it. We will train your team in working with e-mailing software, help with e-mail copywriting and we will constantly bring you tips to improve the effectiveness of e-mailing campaigns from our practice.

 Strategy price from CZK 2,000 without VAT.

 Price of preparation of templates and graphics, coding, implementation from CZK 4,000 without VAT.

 Price of delivery from 2,000 CZK without VAT.

For a specific price calculation, please use a non-binding request or call 775 646 333.