PPC audit and strategy

Not satisfied with the performance of your PPC advertising? Are you paying too much for a conversion? We'll audit your current campaign and suggest specific steps to lower your cost-per-conversion.


We analyze whether or not the account has the correct structure.
We evaluate the suitability of keywords and identify new words with outstanding potential.
We'll check that the conversion tracking and remarketing settings are correct.
We'll check the quality of copywriting, CPC pricing, and much much more.

Are you interested in PPC audit management? Fill out the brief form and we will contact you within 24 hours. Non-binding consultation. Or call us directly at 775 646 333

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Why choose PPC Profits for a PPC audit?
We'll analyze the campaign's potential.
We’ll design higher performing landing pages.
We‘ll check the ad‘s relevance.
We'll review the suitability of your keywords (including negatives).

PPC audit can save you thousands of crowns on pointless "click throughs". Within a week, you will learn where you are wasting money and where there is potential to increase revenue.

This audit does not commit you to any further cooperation nor has hidden conditions.

The PPC audit evaluates the overall status of the campaign in several steps:

1. Potential - Does advertising have potential; can you earn more or is there room for cost cutting?

2. Another criterion is Relevance - to get the right ads when you enter the right keywords.

3. Check your budget and cost-per-clicks to see if you have budget constraints somewhere and make the most of your campaign.

4. Negative keywords - check if they are correctly set and addressed.

5. Landing pages - Will users arrive at a relevant landing page through an ad? Does your landing page have sufficient conversion potential? Want tips and tricks to improve your PPC ad?


We will prepare your audit completely free of charge and receive it within 5 working days of ordering.